How To Light Green Screens That Work

sin-city-carA good key is won or lost in the setup.

Unfortunately -  if your new to vfx & eager to to shoot - you may miss a few key elements that could have made your life much easier. 

This is one of the most important lessons you'll learn in chroma keying!

Hold on tight because we're going to blow the lid off easy chroma key setups!

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Secret Recipe To Easy Chroma Keying

I once believed that chroma keying was as simple as recording my actor against a green wall, bringing that footage into a keying program, and clicking a button.

I had no idea how wrong I was.

The harsh reality is - pulling a clean key can take time and patience.

Here is my secret to making it easy!

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Chroma Keying

Sucker Punch Greenscreen BTSTo say that chroma keying is challenging is an understatement -  sometimes it's damn near impossible. 

There are many pitfalls to look out for. But, with a little precaution you'll be on your way to pulling clean keys in no time.

This list of 7 deadly sins will help you prepare to work with green screen and avoid costly mistakes.

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What Do You Want To Learn About?

hot teacher vfxI started this blog to help someone at dvxuser understand my keying process.  

I'm enjoying the process and think I'll keep this going.

 Please - take a few seconds and let me know what you want!

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What an Oreo Cookie Can Teach You About Chroma Keying – Part 1

It's 3:00AM and I'm awake, working away at my desk. My belly rumbles. I run downstairs and raid the kitchen in search of my favorite late night snack, Oreo cookies and a tall glass of milk.

Oreos & Keying

Q: What do Oreos have in common with keying?

A: Layers!

Both Oreos and Chroma Keying depend on layering to make them great. Today I'll show you how to fix a bad key by using a layered approach.

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