How To Light Green Screens That Work



A good key is won or lost in the setup.

Unfortunately –  if your new to vfx & eager to to shoot – you may miss a few key elements that could have made your life much easier. 

This is one of the most important lessons you’ll learn in chroma keying!

Hold on tight because we’re going to blow the lid off easy chroma key setups!

The Secret To Great Green Screen Setups

It’s all in the lighting! Or should I say…the consistency of the lighting.

Use a waveform monitor to measure the evenness of your lighting across the green screen.

greenscreen_waveformThe goal is to make the green mass as strait and thin as possible.

This will help you in post production by narrowing down the shades of green your keying software will have to deal with.

What Lights Should I use?

For lighting the screen you will need a big soft light source. 

Using soft lights will help to reduce any imperfections in your screen.

I use fluorescent lights.

  • They Are Cheap
  • Have A Green Spike That Is Prefect For Lighting Green Screens
  • Are 5600k – Today’s Cmos sensors love daylight temperatures

Tungsten Lights will work too – but they need to be diffused.

How Should I Place My Lights?

This diagram will give you the basic idea. Every setup is different and needs to be tweaked for the room it’s in.

Also note * in the diagram we are lighting the talent and screen separately.

If you have any questions – drop me a line in the comments section below.

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