Secret Recipe To Easy Chroma Keying

I once believed that chroma keying was as simple as recording my actor against a green wall, bringing that footage into a keying program, and clicking a button.

I had no idea how wrong I was.

The harsh reality is – pulling a clean key can take time and patience.

Here is my secret to making it easy!


The Super Green Screen

The recipe is simple: GREEN GELS

Adding green gels to your lights will supercharge your screen. 

I use cheap 4ft fluorescent lights from The Home Depot to light my screen. I built custom sleeves that slide over the bulbs.  

In my tests, I’d routinely pull one click keys!

This technique works well in large spaces with dark walls.

The green spill created from this method can get out of hand if your not careful to separate your talent from the screen.

*I recommend at least 12 feet of space between the talent and screen.

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