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hot teacher vfxI started this blog to help someone at dvxuser understand my keying process.  

I’m enjoying the process and think I’ll keep this going.

 Please Рtake a few seconds and let me know what you want!






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3 Responses to “What Do You Want To Learn About?”

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  1. mickey says:

    do you use d90 with green screen?
    when i key in Premiere, I’m getting jagged lines at the edges of talent and wondering if green screening with this level of dslr is a waste of time. thanks!!

  2. mickey says:

    sorry, i also wanted to say thank you for posting these blogs. this has been the most helpful tips on green screen and d90 use.

  3. admin says:

    Hey Mickey,

    I pulled d90 a few keys with the d90, they were ok.

    the d90 has a stair stepping problem. Here is the fix!

    I used after effects,

    Slice the footage into 9 pixel high sections, then move these slices apart by 1 pixel and fill the gap by interpolation.

    This results in a slightly taller frame which then needs to be scaled back to the correct height (around 90%).

    You don’t need to do this for every clip of course ! once you have set up this file (30 minutes work at most) you can use the same file with its masks to fix any clip you want to put through this fixing process.

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